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How to Stay Clean and Live the Sober Life Oro House

With hard work, the right support, and coping strategies in place, it is possible to enjoy sobriety. Seven years ago I made a decision that would entirely change the course of my life. I decided to get help for my addiction and to make a serious effort to change my life. I was sick of living a life of active addiction and tired of hating myself for living a sober life it. Throughout all of this, the most important thing I’ve learned is that not only is it possible to live life completely sober, I now wouldn’t want to have it any other way. When alcohol was the most important thing in my life, my wellbeing was the least important. By going through the healing process I have learned how to truly value myself.

One of the major fears when considering a life of sobriety is that we won’t be able to cope with our daily life. Another is that we won’t have anything to look forward to on a daily basis, or that we will lose the drive to be social. We may even fear that not drinking will take away our excuse for not making more progress in life. Whatever you find your fears to be, be bold, and call them out. They are already there, so they might as well get to know them. This can turn into a terrible, vicious cycle and is a dangerous and unhealthy way to deal with relapse. Many alcoholics try to get sober and fail, so then they feel worse and they drink even more. Chronicle your journey to sobriety, even when that entails documenting your slips and relapses.

I learned what is important in life and what isn’t.

In fact, the best people to ask for recovery tips are these individuals who have years of proven success in maintaining their sobriety. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for how to successfully live a sober lifestyle. Drugs and alcohol change the way your brain functions and may even cause long-term or irreversible brain damage. Fortunately, not all of the damage is permanent and as your body adjusts to sobriety, your brain will too. With time, the mental fog will fade and you’ll begin to feel more alert, focused, and present in your everyday life. This means you’ll have an easier time functioning at work, carrying out your daily routine, reading a book, and even just having deeper thoughts and ideas that add value to your life.

Oftentimes, when we’re drinking or using drugs, it’s because we don’t feel like we’re able to cope with life on our own. We may feel weak or unloved, and so we use these substances to cope. I’ve been sober for 2 years now and all I can say is life SUCKS! I’ve been going to therapy and getting various help with medication since my first week sober, but nothing has helped. I went to AA, got a sponsor, got a counselor, and now take a handful of pills every day for depression and anxiety, but it’s all crap. I may have had problems with my drinking, but I miss that life more and more every day. Naturally, I chose her because I love her, she’s my best friend.

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You may want to think about signing up for a stress management course so that you can develop the skills to manage your stress. Having a new interest and passion will be very helpful in keeping your mind off your addiction. You’ll have something to focus your energy on, and it’ll give you something to look forward to. Talk to those that you’re close to and explain when you are avoiding these situations.

Living a sober life enables you to reclaim the rewarding facets of yourlife, gain access to them, and participate in them with your full attention. Foundation House provides a transitional sober living environment for young adult men age 17 to 35. We teach the skills needed to effectively deal with the challenges of everyday life. Foundation House Brochure is a great way to learn more about our extended-care, transitional sober living program for adult men age 17 to 35. You can try different groups and processes to find the route that best suits your needs. Remember though that it will take time to break your addiction and you’ll need continued support from your recovery program. One of the reasons I had such a problem with alcohol was that I used it for everything. I drank to have fun, I drank to deal with stress and I drank to try and forget my problems. The funny thing is that it actually not only made a lot of my problems worse, it also created brand new problems. Even if you don’t have a drinking problem, if you have ever drunk too much then I am sure you can understand what I mean by this.

It may sound like a cliché, but hobbies are a great distraction and can take our attention away from the stresses of everyday life. With the start of a new year, many people intentionally choose to be a better version of themselves. Whether they make a resolution to lose weight, read more, or be a better friend, self-improvement is a hot topic this time of year. Contact us today to start on the path to living a better life.
living a sober life
You ARECAPABLE of accomplishing this, and you WILL eventually find a way to live asober life. You won’t be able torelate to positive emotions like gratitude, love, support, joy, or connectionuntil you abstain from drugs and alcohol. You’ll make memories with the peopleyou care about, keep those people in your heart, and hold on to them. You willform a life that is worth living and constructive on all levels—mentally, psychologically,and physically.

To help you maintain your sobriety and see the benefits of doing so, we are providing you with a detailed list of reasons why living a sober life is beneficial. Acknowledging and celebrating the hard work of recovery is helpful for keeping you motivated and reminding you why you took this brave step toward sobriety in the first place. Just be sure that your rewards don’t involve drugs or alcohol. Instead, focus on things, experiences, and activities that will support your new, healthy lifestyle. All and all, sober living homes aren’t considered hospital or rehab settings. Rather, they are more of a supportive and productive environment where individuals can focus on living sober, away from the temptations of society. It’s more of a commitment that enables individuals in recovery to become stronger individuals and engage in making better decisions. Sober living instead offers a peaceful and protected environment. In fact, while in sober living, individuals can focus on all of their healing whether it’s mental, emotional, or physical. Individuals in sober living can also take the necessary steps needed to re-establish and re-discover themselves.

  • Between messing up your sleep and taking a toll on your body, alcohol and drugs can make you feel pretty bad if you use them regularly.
  • At some point after college, it just didn’t matter if someone had a meal that was four dollars more than mine, or if they ate more edamame, or even if they had one more drink than I did.
  • This, therefore, encourages all of the necessary skills needed for an individual to live a healthy, happy life.
  • If the person’s addictive disorder was considered to be severe, then the post-acute withdrawal symptoms might persevere for up to a year.

My friends who have known me as the party girl and now sober say I’m more settled or seem content but I just feel like there’s nothing, A very calm feeling which feels odd. Whenever you suffer from addiction, you’re willing to spend every last penny that you have on alcohol or drugs. Blowing through your own money may even cause you to steal money from those close to you to pay for substances. That’s why one benefit of living a sober life is that you will not spend your money on substances anymore. Therefore, you’ll have more ready funds than you did while suffering from addiction. Althоugh alcohol rеhаb аnd alcohol dеtоx саn hеlр уоu mаkе а lоt of nесеѕѕаrу сhаngеѕ іn уоur life, уоur alcohol treatment dоеѕn’t еnd thеrе. If уоu сhооѕе а gооd ѕеrvісе рrоvіdеr and want to live a sober life, thеn thеу ѕhоuld ѕuррlу оr bе аblе to аrrаngе а tаіlоrеd аftеrсаrе рrоgrаmmе thаt wіll hеlр уоu іn уоur еvеrуdау life. Yоur еnd gоаl іѕ to hеlр уоu ѕtор drinking, but уоu mау nееd аddіtіоnаl hеlр ѕо уоu саn ѕtісk to thеѕе gоаlѕ. Aftеrсаrе орtіоnѕ саn іnсludе mеntоrіng, grоuр аnd іndіvіduаl ѕеѕѕіоnѕ, оr hаvіng а ѕроnѕоr to lооk оut for уоu. Dоn’t undеrеѕtіmаtе thе vаluе of ѕuрроrt frоm thоѕе аrоund уоu, аѕ thіѕ wіll рlау аn іmроrtаnt раrt іn hеlріng уоu to ѕtау аwау frоm alcohol addiction.

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We believe in the full-integrated recovery of each individual. We specialize in Medication-Assisted Treatment , psychological & psychiatric care, daily doctor’s visits, and ongoing support from staff. We believe trust, meaningful connections, and kindness are the essentials to beginning a journey in recovery. Our Malibu Rehab is dedicated to providing an honest, authentic, and genuine treatment environment that gives our clients a unique Sober Home opportunity for healing. Hence the 12-step slogans, “one day at a time,” and “take it easy.” But more than a slogan, these are words of wisdom. Some who have an addiction problem might not necessarily need inpatient treatment, and can maybe do this in therapy alone, along with meditation, spiritual guidance, and all sorts of other ways. This is the brilliance of the 12-step movement, which so far has escaped commodification.
living a sober life
Great list Bill – I’m just shy of 5 months sober and I’m really enjoying the benefits of not drinking. My behaviour when drunk was pretty terrible; I had this knack for saying shocking things or doing physically dangerous stunts (climbing walls, trying to get out of moving cars etc…). These actions damaged my relationships and, looking back, probably made me quite scary to be around – it wasn’t all done in good humour, a lot of of it was emotionally intense and not fun in any way. It’s much easier to stay financially living a sober life fit when you’re sober. Besides saving all that money in the first place, you’ll be in a better state of mind to make good financial decisions. And having that extra cash opens up a whole world of new opportunities – you could decide to save for a house, take a vacation, or go back to school, for example. It’s natural to wonder what ”fun” is like without drinking, partying or using drugs. That’s why I made it my mission not to let my drinking status determine my social life or the amount of fun I am able to have.
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As a result, you’ve likely broken and lost relationships that you’ve had in the past with family members and friends while suffering from addiction. Congratulate someone on their sobriety by expressing your support. You might say, “I’m really proud of you,” or “I’m so happy to see you succeed.” Avoid asking questions that are too personal or focusing on the negative aspects of their substance use. Although these new activities are healthy and productive, they can be a stumbling block to lasting recovery if they become a transfer addiction to fill the void left by the original addiction. A mental health professional can help you cope with some of the challenges you’ll face on your path to sobriety. Other definitions, however, often focus on the process of recovery and developing coping mechanisms and habits that support health and wellness over the long term. Total abstinence may be the goal, but the reality is that setbacks are common. This article discusses what sobriety means and describes strategies that can support your long-term recovery. It also covers tips on how to deal with the challenges you’ll face on your journey to sobriety.

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